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Two chances to learn about Monte Sano Birds

 Looking for migrating birds in the fall, especially in woodlands, can be both exciting and frustrating. In eastern North America, it is possible to see greater variety of migratory species in the fall than in the spring. Birds linger longer, and their migration routes are broader from east to west.  But identification can be difficult. The birds are no longer in breeding plumage, and among the warblers, for example, field marks can be subtle and variable. In other words, many species tend to look alike. That's why many field guides to the birds have sections devoted to confusing fall warblers.  If you want to learn more, the North Alabama Birdwatchers Society (NABS) has two field trips in Monte Sano State Park in the next few weeks. The first is Sept. 13, 2014 the second is Oct. 4, 2014. If you want to join either group, meet at the park store at 7a.m. If conditions are right, some birders may arrive earlier and check out other areas, but the leaders will touch base at the store at 7a.m. Birders are asked to park in the gravel area against the fence. (If it's raining, these trips may not materialize.)  Be sure to bring binoculars and a field guide. For more information on these and other birding trips, see the society's current calendar at North Alabama Birwatchers Society

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