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The generally accepted rules across North America are:

On the roads:
 Pedestrians have the right of way.
 Hikers and runners travel against traffic.
 Bicyclist bike with traffic.
 Cyclist obey stop signs and stop lights.
 In Huntsville 2 cyclist can bike 2 abreast or people on a group ride can bike 2 abreast.
 On individual cycling, cycle on the right side of the road.
 Every bicycle when in use at nighttime shall be equipped with a lamp on the front which shall emit a white light visible from a distance of at least 500 feet to the front and with a red reflector on the rear of a type approved by the department which shall be visible from all distances from 100 feet to 600 feet to the rear when directly in front of lawful lower beams of head lamps on a motor vehicle. A lamp emitting a red light visible from a distance of 500 feet to the rear may be used in addition to the red reflector.

On the trails:
 Bikers or runners yield to hikers or non-moving people.
 Hikers yield to non-moving people.
 Do not destroy plants and trees on the trails or on the sides of the trail.

 Treat cyclists as you would any other vehicle on the road – it's the law!
 Expect cyclists to use the full lane. Cyclists may abruptly change lane position due to railroad tracks, debris, potholes, or grates.
 Do NOT drive 'side by side' or close behind a cyclist.
 Pass cyclists with a minimum of 3 feet; allow plenty of room.
 Never pass cyclists and immediately turn right.
 Scan traffic intersections for cyclists.
 Do NOT honk, yell, or otherwise harass cyclists, hikers, or runners. It is dangerous!

On the trails and on the roads:
 Do not litter and please pick up litter that you see!