This is the trails map page of Monte Sano. It was created because there is no printed map that depicts all the trails on Monte Sano. It is color coded for quick awareness of one's location. The color color coding of these trails on this map are to show how the trails relate to each in a visually simpler way. (Please note that unlike this map, the actual Land Trust of North Alabama's trails west of  Monte Sano Blvd are not color coded but have signs to act as identifiers.) The map is also a topo map with the colors gradiating from a darker to a lighter color. As you zoom in on the map each topo band represents 100'.

A lot of us see Monte Sano from different perspectives, from Hwy 72, from downtown, or from Jones Valley and the mountain looks as if it is a flat sided mountain, but the reality is it is comprised of a number of fingers that radiate downward from the top to the valley floors. That is why the maps of the mountain that are 3-dimensional are important because they let us see the lay of the land. This map scales down to a smart phone size and if your phone has a should help prevent you from being lost.

This page will have images and descriptions of the different creeks or streams that traverse the fingers from the top to the bottom of Monte Sano.

There are a number of different wildflowers that grow on Monte Sano. Some flower for a few days and some flower for months during the different seasons of the year. Here are several pages to help identiy the flowers by their common and scientific names. This is probably not a totally inclusive representation of all the flowers.