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Hikers, bikers, bird watchers, photographers, artists, runners and strollers welcome!

This site is designed for outdoor people to get to know our Monte Sano terrain and to be able to communicate and share their trail knowledge, images and experiences with each other. Please do not throw litter from the roads or trails and Help Keep Monte Sano Beautiful. Please support our Monte Sano State Park by buying a yearly pass and joining the Land Trust of North Alabama.

And many thanks to the management at Fagans Springs Apartments for allowing us to put the garbage collected on Bankhead Parkway from people litterering in their trash bins.


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Here is a page with a map of all the trails on Monte Sano. The map is color coded for quick awareness of where one is.

This map shows the trail names but is also colored so the trails are visually distinct. The western side of Monte Sano uses signs instead of color blazes on the actual trails.


There are a number of different wildflowers that grow on Monte Sano. Some flower for a few days and some flower for months durind the different seasons of the year. Here are several pages to help identiy the flowers by their common and scientific names. This is probably not a totally inclusive representation of all the flowers.  Click on the Flowers Menu up above to see flower photos and to be able to identify Monte Sano wildflwoers.


Monte Sano has many streams running down it's diverse fingers. This is a page that will shed light on the different creeks and their beautiful rock formations and waterfalls.